IKNIES... Who are they?

Not a simple painting. Not just an expression of the artist. 
Iknies come from far…
They communicate with us through a meta-language… There is a message for everyone!
Enter this world and discover which message is there for YOU!!!


IKNIES... Meet some of them

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The artist José Tavares created “a visual language that is a fusion of mathematics, geometry and art” the Iknie. 
Betting on the expansion of the brand is now his goal, since for the author his project is a universal “language”.
“Anyone, regardless of nationality, language, politics or education, can at a glance understand the meaning of my art. And anyone can use the individual parts, the Iknies, to create their own art ”.
José Tavares graduated in engineering in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) and gave birth to the Iknie Code in 1997. He wanted to have something of his own, “I wanted to invent and build with my own hands. I knew I could invent… and, on a beautiful afternoon in Prague, I made the first “Ikniean” strokes.

Jose Tavares

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Jose Tavares


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